It's 5°C outside this morning, I'm not wearing a jacket and I took the train one hour earlier than I needed to. What a refreshing way to start the day.

@hund I’m so jealous about the temperature! I’m over the hot weather here

@joshdholtz I wish it would have gradually lowered and not go from 9999 degrees to 5 degrees over a night. :P

@hund Oh I totally get that 😫 There needs to be good fall/autumn transition period.

@joshdholtz Indeed! And the days needs to have a consistent temperature as well. It was 5°C to work and now from work it's 20°C. You're either dressed too cold or too hot..

@hund Oof! Those days are rough. Its very important to have the perfect pants and hoodie that you can comfortably wear in that range

@pet84rik I wish it would last longer and be more mild.

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