I deleted some abandoned accounts from my list of followers. It now say I have 0 followers even though I did not (obviously) remove everyone? What's up with that?

@hund i still follow you, so i confirm, it's lying to you :P

This came up for me too, so definitely still following you. That's a weird bug.

P.S. I tried to unfollow and follow again, to see if that changed anything. Does that mean I'm your one listed follower now?

@cameron You started following me right after your first reply.

@hund That's weird. It does say you only have 1 follower to me also, but I can see your full list of followers.

@hund this is what it says on the Husky app. Must be a weird syncing issue. Maybe a client thing?

@herag @hund I'm using Husky and at this moment it says 1 follower

@esparta @hund oh... maybe it's a server side thing then... that's weird.

@herag Your seeing an old cache. It's definitely less than 2.8k now, but a lot more than 0. :P

@hund I still follow you. But the Whalebird shows that you have only one follower.

Obviously you got so popular you made a stack overflow

@hund I think you may have discovered a bug. Might be worth posting on Gihtub.

@kev It looks like it. I will do that when I have the time. I'm in the middle of a move. :)

@hund well what’s taking so long? It’s not like a move is most stressful thing w person can do or anything! 🤣🤣

Joking aside, hope the move goes well man. 👍

@kev Moving is magical. I don't own much, yet it takes like 3 weeks to pack and clean everything. :|


@hund @kev there is Russian saying - one move is equal two fires. how much stuff do have? my last three moves was made with help of my friends with minivan, suitcases, computer, box of kitchen stuff =)

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