I probably belong to a minority here, but I'm one of those people who uses a CLI based XMPP-client on a daily basis for some very specific and important tasks.

Until know I have been using an old Perl-script called sendxmpp[1], but today I found out about xmppc[2]. It's an alternative client that's written in C and it comes with a lot more features as well.

It seems to be working fine so far!


@efftoyz Because information! I can send automated messages to myself about various events, things like my backup script gives me a status report and things like that.

@hund things people do instead of using ` mail ` utility :D

@efftoyz Well. While I like e-mail for public communication, I like keeping my personal business to myself. I host my own XMPP-server and I don't have to involve anyone else. :)

@efftoyz @hund that limits you to messages on the same machine, doesn't it? Or else you have to deal with SPF, DKIM, IP reputation, IP spoofing, MX records, and the whole host of spam you'll still get despite those measures.

With XMPP you have an activity feed, clients out the wazoo for all different platforms, and it's pretty devoid of spammers.

Am I missing some fundamentals of mail that make it really good for this purpose?

@thelonelyghost @efftoyz No? That would render it useless.

Setting up a computer and pointing a domain to it is easy.

Spam? I've been using XMPP for over a decade now and I've had issues with some minor bots twice.

@hund @efftoyz I think there's been some confusion. I was saying XMPP good and mail has all those problems.

@thelonelyghost @efftoyz Woops. I thought it was a reply to me and I probably read it the in all possible wrong ways. It's way too late here for me now. :D

@hund I used CLI based XMPP chat for a good while, even as recent as last year. I liked the Profanity client the most.

@greypilgrim Profanity is a TUI (Text User Interface) based client though. :) I use WeeChat with bitlbee as my regular client for XMPP, which is also a TUI-client.

CLI (Command-line Interface) means that it's used via the shell using commands, like:

$ xmppc -m message chat <user@example.tld "Hello world"

@hund I have used WeeChat for IRC plus the Matrix plugin for what's now called Element, but I still liked the simplicity of Profanity more.

@greypilgrim I would probably recommend something like Profanity as well. Bitlbee is old and unmaintained, it lacks a lot of modern features. The reason I'm still using it is because I use IRC a lot and I'm way to invested in WeeChat with several plugins that makes it superior for me.

@hund Hey, shameless self-promotion here, but you should have a look at jp, the CLI frontend of Salut à Toi, it's probably the most feature full #XMPP #CLI around there, and supports sending message with #OMEMO: have a look at
Packaged at least in Debian based distributions and on Arch (AUR).

Wait i thought we were exempt from ads on the fediverse? :blobthinkingeyes:

@genofire Sweet! That Rust project looks promissing. Maybe it's something I can get working on Alpine Linux. :)

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