Good stuff. Always nice having more options to batch-edit audio libraries.
It's actually one area where i still prefer a good and clean graphical interface to do the dirty work, but since there's currently no reasonably stable python 3.x port of puddletag (which makes it unsupported and very difficult to run on current linux distros without fucking up other things), i'm looking for alternatives.

Beets is quite mighty feature-wise, but also a pain in the butt to configure to behave in a way that integrates nicely into my collection management patterns and workflows. Great as a local music database and for using online databases like discogs and musicbrainz for semi-automatic tagging. Not so great for manually tagging large amounts of files.

Recently went back to using MP3Tag via Wine. Less than optimal, for sure. Well, at least it kinda works, for now...

Yeah, i tried that out once or twice. It reminds me a lot of Kid3 and both are very good taggers indeed. Unfortunately they don't really work out for me with their somewhat restrictive per-folder/per-album paradigm.
I very much prefer to just drag & drop a bunch of folders into a window and get a clean, spreadsheed-style overview of every file, every tag field being instantly accessible and editable, both for single files as well as a group of files.
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