@selea @hund the problem with kodi is kodi.tv is jailed in #CloudFlare. I would love to have a text-based alternative but I couldn't be limited to youtube-sourced content. MythTV frontend can be controlled by commands sent over netcat.

@hund what if you got a minipc? I think ASUS made some great ones a while ago. I was looking into a minipc for my TV. I am honestly disappointed by all the options out there for controlling content to my TV.

Had an OSMC box for a while. It was pretty, but annoying. Same Kodi underneath.

I just don't know if a minipc can handle higher bit rates.

Ideally, have a PC connected to your network and stream it over that. 😃😃 only if you have a sufficient network though.

@herag I'm considering the ROCKPro64 as well. They sell an PCIe adapter for using a Nvme disk and they also have a kit with an IR remote and a Bluetooth remote.

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