Would you be okay with simple ads (that's tastefully placed) on my website if they where ethical and relevant?

EthicalAds seems like a good service and I'm considering giving them a try.

@hund what kind of ads? Anything thats not too flashy would be okay. I mean things like gifs, video ads. Also huuge banner ads.

@farseen With simple I'm imaging text-only or perhaps a discrete image like shown on their example on the frontpage:

@hund it would be a better idea to put tastefully places ads which are text only and put place them in the content, while making it clear that you generate revenue from that.
I don't really like any kind of ad network.
this ad network you mentioned seems to be much better then anything else I have seen, but still.
it isn't a good idea.
you should choose by yourself how and where you place what ad.

@techit @hund depends on the website

if it's something for like an indie podcast show i think giving them some support for having a website to begin with is fine

for places like youtube or twitch nah they are companies funded by big companies they don't really need any of that ad revenue

@techit @hund twitch/amazon makes way more money from selling subscriptions and products than they ever will from advertisements

@hund If they are not personalized and distractive, I have nothing against them for now.

@kcancelik They don't.

>We don't use cookies to track users, but we match ads based on the content of your pages. This gives your users ultimate privacy and relevant ads, the best of both worlds.

@hund @kcancelik i don't care - my adblocker handles anything ad related for me.

@hund what does ethical ads mean? no tracking? does that mean ads on tv, in public transport etc also ethical? imo I never think ads is a good idea

@dsvdv Ethical ads means non intrucive and not annoying ads. Obviously no tracking or anything.

Of course, those ads can be ethical as well.

@hund Have you explored the idea of letting users mine some alt coins instead of ads?

Example here:

@_1751015 Not really, I haven't gotten into this whole crypto money thingy yet. I will look into it though. :)

@hund I'd have absolutely no problem with that, as long as the service can be trusted.


IMO the whole concept of advertising is unethical. You're literally trying to influence people's mind. And if this company is successful they will head in the exact same direction as google. Remember their slogan was "Don't be evil" for a long time.

@KyleRuzic Ads are not evil, people are. There's a big difference.

@hund Tried to apply with one of my blogs but they only accept English sites/blogs atm.

@joacim Okay. :) They're interested in my English website.

@hund @joacim note that you don't have the option to explitly choose which ads will be shown on your pages, this choice is done for you.

it doesn't make a lot of sense for me, at no website.
most ads online are very distructive, this is why I use "ad blocker.
the fact that this is better doesn't make it perfect

@hund There's no such thing as "ethical ads", all ads are unethical by their nature.

@hund No problem with ads as far as they are in tune with the website theme and don't attack me in any way.

@paladin They're live if you want to check them out.

@hund I've checked EthicalAds add three times :) If all the rest will look like these, they are fine.

@paladin It's so far only showing ads for themselves. They need to activate it for me after I have added it to the website. The whole process seems to be manual and very serious.

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