My dad is the most untechnical person I know of. He used to think that an e-mail account was bound to a single computer and he still thinks that the speed of the Internet connection impacts the perfomance of the overall computer performance, like opening the web browser itself or browsing the file system. I don't even bother trying to educate him at this point.

@hund it's fine most internet users don't need to know those stuff. ..
As soon as they know to unlock the pc, looking for something online, they are fine

@techit It can sometimes be an issue when they blindly trust other people, like random people on the web who's "trying to help" them "fix" their "broken" credit card. ;)

@hund you're right, this are the few stuff you should warn him about...
Just tell him never use his credit card online...
the most usefully things like that I can think of is learning him to use some easy to use Linux distro(like elementryos)with firefox and if he is very willing to learn something, learn him to use an easy to use password manager like Firefox lockwize hosted on your server...

@techit Teaching my dad how to use a password manager? It would be easier to tech a dog how to write software without a keyboard. :D

@hund haha! You know him better then me I guess, BTW what is does he use?

@techit He's a very light Android user and just recently got back into using a computer (Windows as usual). Apparently he got a good deal on a used computer by some friend. It's funny how some never asks the nerdiest guy the know before blindly purchases tech related stuff.

@hund oh yes the same goes with my dad.
He is affraid I'll talk too much about that computer and I'll make stuff too hard for him to understand

@hund I remember my mum asking me what my email number was.

@hund my dad asked me once if he could save the internet in a 3½ floppy disk by drag and drop the browser icon into it. Today is a happy Linux Mint user except for the f* printer 😆

@kosmoplan Well. It would be possible to download the Internet, he would need a few more floppy disks though! ;)

Printers has always been an infected subject. We can all thanks Microsoft for that though! Thankfully there's a few that makes actual printer that doesn't rely on a (Windows-)computer to tell t he printer how to do its own work. I'm just not sure which ones though.

@hund @kosmoplan

There's a list of devices that support free software on . They're not even that old sometimes 😉

@hund the email thing is POP3's fault. It took me way too much effort to get my parents to use IMAP and then after that even more effort to make them realize it's not tied to the computer

Every time they had a new computer in some new place, they would make a new email address with the new ISP, and then send all their contacts the new address etc...

Now they have an address with their own domain, and it's so cute how proud they are of that when they tell someone their email address

@hund The worst thing is that there are still a ton of young people who have 0 knowledge after all! :(

@Ghosty Are we speaking from personal experience? ;)

@hund So can I write letters over each other? :D

@Ghosty @hund yes, actually. At least in the terminal; it doesn't delete the previous character, it just moves the cursor. It's the shell that implements the delete operation.

Fun fact: man pages use this to implement underlines and bold.

@dnkl @hund Are you sure that you can put chars over each other? How does that work from a technical standpoint? :)

@Ghosty @hund well, not exactly over each other. If you type another character it replaces the existing one. On modern terminal emulators that is.

The man page thing is true though.

Bold is done by emitting the sant character twice. Underlines are done by first emitting a '_' followed by backspace and then the character.

But for it to work in modern terminals, it must be parsed (typically by 'less') and converted to ANSI escape sequences.


Well, I'm going to have to administrate my grandma's system soon, something that my late grandfather used to do. She used mostly Ubuntu, then dad switched her to Windows because he wanted a no-problem solution, but she complained about the ads and such, so after some time I got the opportunity to install Mint on her trashy laptop and now I'm gonna be the one teaching her. She reputedly does not know the difference between the desktop and a window. Wish me luck 😥


POP3 kinda sorta makes e-mail bound to one PC, doesn't it? Because it download-deletes the stuff.

@hund Yeah, I stretched out the weeeeeeell for that.

However, I did encounter disappearing mail before, due to POP3 being set up on one PC and the rest getting IMAP.

All the PCs: E-mail should be accessible from all devices at once!
That one pop3 machine: ha ha ha e-mail go whoosh

@m4iler Haha! I bet that POP had it's use cases back in the 80s. :)

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