So I use Newsboat as well. Your Python script... I am a huge fan now. I will be throwing that on my system right away.

By the way, I have an autogenerated RSS for my site and it forces the reader to my site. Do you know a way to make it so that it delivers the whole article instead of the <description>?

Bash Blog is how I write my stuff. Just a bash script that generates everything for me basically.

@herag I couldn't find anything for it, but if you ask nicely I'm pretty confident that the developer will make add it as an optional feature. :)

Well I looked at your RSS link. I guess I could just copy that... hehehe... it looks like you basically just insert the whole article under HTML... I'll have to tinker with it.

I use bb.sh because I'm decent as using bash and can maybe make some edits. We'll see.

@herag Good luck! I use Jekyll because it's comes with a lot of functionallity while being minimal and simple.

@hund Kul att man kan hämta och formatera om artiklar med Python, det är smidigare än att installera Lynx som jag har gjort! Jag hittade även ett sätt att skrapa twitter feeds med newsboat: tagg.link/notes/remote/twitrss

@tomas Tufft! Har du testat Nitter? Man behöver förvisso förlita sig på andra om man inte vill vara sing enga värd, men det är rätt trevligt och du får dessutom smidiga webbflöden. :)


* nitter.snopyta.org/matrixdotor
* nitter.snopyta.org/matrixdotor

@hund newsboat doesn’t look fun to use, but now I kinda want to try it anyway.

@hund I use newspaper3k for the similar reason too. In our case you can configure it to skip downloading images from the sourced web for some bandwith and performance optimisations like so:

c = Config()
c.fetch_images = False
a = Article(url, config=c)

@marian_mizik I tried adding it but it didn't work. It looks like it only part of the code you gave.

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