The feeling of joy that rushes through my fingers when I get home to my high end keyboard after a day at work with the shit Apple keyboard! My keyboard is like typing on clouds comparded to that abysmal keyboard.

@SuperFloppies It's easy to take all the luxuries things we have for granted! :)

@hund Looks pretty sweet.

Nothing quite that fancy

Still probably a similar typing experience.

I miss it when i'm at work.

I'll have to read those posts when i am home.

@mgrondin It's nothing like yours when it comes to typing. You have heavy buckling spring switches and I have super light linear switches! :D

Most prefer heavier switches, but my delicate hands can't handle it. :P

@hund Right... I did not really read what kind of switched it had was just going by look...

Wish i could get my boss to get me a Unicomp for the office...

@mgrondin Tell your boss it's about quality of life and being more productive at work. :)

@hund now that I'm working from home I haven't touched my macbook keyboard in weeks. I bought a little adapter and some USB A to USB A cables so not unplugging the microUSB cable over and over from my personal desktop to work laptop.

@hund also on keyboard settings in macos you can swap Ctrl and Command so you're not accidentally trying to Super+C Super+V when you're not on macos

@Cambria It's okay. The whole Apple experience is so awkward that I will never be comfortable with it anyway. :)

@hund I just bought my a mech keyboard for work with my own money.

@LTGUY005 That's a wise move! I would do the same if work didn't want to pay for it.

I don't use computers enough at work to be bothered with a proper keyboard or a pointing device.

What keyboard did you get?

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