It looks like I won't be able to use my desktop computer with my TV anymore. I'm thinking of buying a Raspberry Pi for it. What model would be good enough to play videos mostly from YouTube via mpv and youtube-dl? Is 4k playback possible? My minimum is 1080p at 60 FPS though.

@hund sorry I don’t have an answer for you on which model (personally I’d go for the rpi4 with 4gb of ram). But what’s the appeal in using mpv + youtube-dl?

@doug I subscribe to YouTub-channels via webfeeds using Newsboat. My media player has always been mpv and youtube-dl let's me control some settings for the videos.

@hund ahhh ok. That makes sense. I personally use but that doesn’t allow for anything higher than 720p streams. Is it hard to setup webfeeds?

@doug It's not difficult at all. I could write a little post about it today after work if you want to. How to get started with Newsboat and YouTube webfeeds. :)

@hund yes! I would definitely be interested.

@doug I know that every channel has an RSS feed. Link to a channel's RSS is the URL of the channel.

Note: Beginning is blacked out because I opened Firefox in incognito. I was on LTT's channel page to copy the URL.


@hund You want the latest revision for sure. The power will be used.

@selea I've been thinking about it. It will cost a lot more though.

@hund afaik, for 4K (or 1080p@60) you have to go for 4th generation as all previous versions had the same GPU (VideoCore IV [1080p@30]). rpi4 has VideoCore VI.

@hund Atleast my Odroid C2 can handle 1080p 60fps streams.
So i'd imagine a RPi4 can handle it (maybe even 4k).

@iah I'm moving to a larger apartment and it's going to have to live in the bedroom.

What about a RockPro64? It has gigabit Ethernet.

@herag I'm considering their upcoming HTPC with remote. Hopefully you will be able to program the buttons to anything.

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