@hund it is interesting how much we probably have in common, judging by the little mastodon and your blog reveals about you.

@marian_mizik That's fun! Well. You use Gentoo so you must be a good guy. :D

@hund don't feel bad :) the blame is on those who would feel offended. If everyone tries to rely more on themselves and less on other people, I think it might make the world a better place.
Seems like there's already enough things you keep yourself busy with, and only you know how to best divide the attention between all those things.

@hund Yeah, same. Don't follow just everyone who follows me (not sure why would people do that), do not expect people follow back, and best read here at Fosstodon is local feed (with couple muted persons), not my own =)

@efftoyz That's what I like about Mastodon, you can still read what people are up to in the other feeds without the need of following them. It's also perhaps a bit dangerous as I find myself dragged into that feed way to much. :)

I have muted a lot of people to be honest. If I find them toxic or anything I mute them, it's nothing personal, it's just me trying to be effective with my time. I have also added tons of filters as well.

@hund That is really well written! I can't disagree with anything there. I keep trimming my RSS feeds for similar sources that post "too often" and just clutter things up.

@TechZerker Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. :)

That sounds healthy! I've been doing the same thing there, I have a bag habit of adding everything they're with the idea of that I'll read it later. :P

@hund: Thanks for that post.

> I’m also that person who must read every single status message by the users I follow on social media. This is partly why I follow very few people on social media.

I’m probably following the same path for the same reasons. I _am_ going to follow you though. :)

One thing Mastodon got right is the ability to mute toots based on strings. Just filtering `rt @` already makes things more manageable.

@arkhi Thank you for liking it and following me! :)

I'm also a heavy user of filters, I'm now days only using Pinafore as my client and it's currently filters, which is unfortunate. You get pretty spoiled with them. :)

@hund Looks like a good mental stance, to "de clutter" your life. But I think it is still important to engage in the "real" world. A good example is reading newspaper. Stop following news papers RSS, they are way to spammy, but I think there is value in paying for news. Pick a trusted news paper, and pay, so they don't have to rely on going after articles that will get them clicks.

@fyksen Thanks! Why do you think that's important? :)

@hund Why I think it is important to follow good news sources? Well, you personally might be better off just staying in your bubble. But the society in a hole needs good journalists. Think off a worlds without good journalists, when Snowden decieded to whissleblow. Where would he then go with his information? That's how modern democracy works, with the media as the fourth estate.

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