"[…] I find this deceptive and very concerning. For a number of important reasons, hosting GNU development on a proprietary Microsoft platform should be verboten. And for users to be programatically redirected away from the GNU site to the Microsoft site is ethically criminal, and foreboding institutional death."

Thanks to @fatboy for the link!

@hund @fatboy this article isn't great, RMS is still chief GNUisance. I do agree with the main premise though, pushing people to a platform with proprietary JavaScript is not acceptable for the GNU project. It being Microsoft's makes it a lot worse

@hund @fatboy the article talks about people not recognizing the threat, but it never clearly states what it thinks the threat is.

@bighi @fatboy Isn't that obvious? Non-libre software and Microsoft to be precise.

@hund @fatboy What I mean is "libre software and Microsoft... what?"

I can imagine more than one kind of threat, yes. But I can imagine threats in almost every scenario. And since every kind of threat offers different problems, I might imagine threat A, you imagine threat B, and we disagree because we're talking about completely different things.

So it shouldn't be about my imagination. If you say there's a threat, state what you think the threat is.

@hund @fatboy I mean "you" in a general sense. Not you you. 😉

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