As a tiny house enthusiast I'm rather difficult to impress, but this house impressed me quite a bit.

@hund in Germany? Phahahaha!

And even if you find a nice place in the forest, you're still not allowed to put your rig there! Every piece of land is owned in Germany. Also, you need to make sure to follow a ton of laws, especially concerning disposal of waste(-water), the height of your building, you have to be registered, the rig must be placed on a piece of land that is allowed to have a house on it.

AFAIK there are only two camping places in germany that allow TinyHouses (feel free to correct me).

@hund those camping places are not what you want as a place for your TinyHouse, because they are crowded as hell and not really a place to live at.

Mostly because there's no space in Germany. Most people forget that we have a population of about 85Mio people on the size of half of Texas, US.

@hund impressive indeed! I wonder what the pricetag was though

@sentientfinger It's addressed towards the end of the video:
It's an amazing house, thanks for sharing @hund

@hund this is a dream house with cinema! <3 – subscribed!

@kosmoplan I would love to own a house like this as well. :)

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