It's almost 22 o'clock and it's 30°C (86°F) in my apartment.. How am I supposed to get any sleep tonight?


So it's true, Europe and AC aren't friends. Why is this?

@Clifford @hund

Most places in Europe where it actually gets hot have them

More inland/northern places didn't have a need for them that much until we screwed the climate

@wuwei @Clifford This. Sweden is usually cold, especially at nights. We usually have like 10-12 degrees at night..


Very hot and dry here. Usually around 40° + during most July and August.

@wuwei @Clifford
@hund @Clifford @wuwei

Today it's cool here, fortunately. But I'm totally exhausted!

I hope I'll be able to sleep well tonight! I'm desperately in need of a good night!

@joaopinheiro @wuwei @Clifford Me to, I haven't slept much lately. :/ I hope you get a good nights sleep tonight!

The same has been happening to me too. It's the end of the school year with all the stress of the final evaluation process.
I hope you'll be able to get some rest too.
@wuwei @Clifford
@Clifford @hund "the environment" and fear of high electricity costs.

@lopeztel I have one, but it's not much of a comfort at this heat.

@hund you're not. My oldest son just fell asleep after an hour. No cover sheet, windows wide open.

@hund we have a regular fan on at night just to get the air moving a bit, and I mostly skip the bedcover... good luck 😥

@hund been there done that. Spent a whole summer in humidity, 30C was a cool night 😂

Best thing I can recommend is good airflow, polar bear (don't sleep under sheets), and keep everything dark and curtained as long as you can during the day.

@hund don't sleep... stay up all night... do something you have never done, then... share the details in the morning as your excuse for being tired

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