Is it not possible to contribute to OpenStreetMap with the Android application OsmAnd~? If not, is there a client that can supports it?

@hund You can contribute notes with OsmAnd, I've done it. I think you can do more too, not sure

@hund you can contribute using #OsmAnd by activating the corresponding plugin:

You can use #Vespucci for more complex edits

For a simple, easy-to-use editor with less functionality, I'd recommend #OsmGo (I recommend using the PWA by navigating to on your phone).

@hund @sid For more complex usecases there is the vespucci mobile editor as well.

@hund I couldn't get it working. Something about account problems. Looks like a general issue.

@hund StreetComplete is a (more or less) gamified app for contributing to OSM. I think it's really good.

@iooioio Thanks! I've used that in the on my last phone. I just installed it again. :)

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