A lot of people talk about Arch Linux having the best repository of all Linux based operating system.

Just for fun, let's compare some stats with Gentoo.

Total packages:
A: 10 931
G: 31 953

A: 8530
G: 9811

A: 1437
G: 4492


@hund Nice, I've always wanted a reason to switch to Gentoo for my daily driver.

However, I think you forgot the AUR...


AUR should not be counted actually, if so - we should include every kind of personal repo for debian aswell :P


@tobtobxx @hund Gentoo also has user repositories. They are called "overlays" on Gentoo.

It isn't a single centralized repository like the AUR, but that is a point for Overlays in my book 😉

Void is a nice distro until I found that many of KDE's core package are not in the repo.

@dsvdv @hund @tobtobxx AUR isn't an Arch repo, it's a place where every script kiddie from around the world is allowed to publish more or less broken PKGBUILDs. If you want to add that to the count, you should also include the hundreds of Gentoo overlays:

@hund I think you need to include AUR. Also, best doesn't mean biggest, or most packages. It could also include stability, and usability. Arch documentation (IMO) is better too.

@hund I must be living under a rock since I've never heard this. All the time people seem to bring up debian/ubuntu.

@hund The "Top repositories" by various measurements (on the home page) tells a lot:

By number of projects with up to date packages

nix (nixpkgs unstable - 23338)
FreeBSD Ports - 16741
Debian+derivs (Raspbian Testing - 16708)
AUR - 13644
Fedora (Fedora Rawhide - 13371)
Gentoo - 9329
ALT Sisyphus - 8501
Mageia (Mageia Cauldron - 8250)
openSUSE (openSUSE Tumbleweed - 8216)
pkgsrc current - 8199

@hund after I'm done with my config, will port it to gentoo!

@hund Is Arch known for that?

But, anyway, there could be different criteria of "best". Having more packages may not necessarily mean better. It all depends on how well they are maintained.

How AUR compares with the Gentoo packages for example may also be a factor.

@chozron @hund Yes AUR has a lot of packages, true, but it has the obvious downsides too.

A good criterion would be reproducibility and Arch core is 92.4% reproducible.

It could be less of a problem for Gentoo since it is source-based. But a good majority of users (including me) would rather install a generic build.

@chozron It is. And the comparison was just to tease the diehard fans of Arch Linux a little. :)

@hund @chozron If you would factor in AUR you would have to add 63000 more packages to that. So not really a contest.... ;)


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