This seems like a good website about Linux based operating systems.

@hund The description on top reminds me of a comment I read on Reddit about a month ago (I don't remember it word by word, but I'll try):

"With MacOS, you learn to adapt to your computer. With Linux, you learn to adapt your computer to you."

It's also true for Windows, IMO.

@maxigaz @hund This is one of the reasons why I strongly advocate for the development of Linux accessibility. I think (maybe this is stereotypical) most blind people like Apple's a11y and commitment to such better than the competition, but imagine if Linux came along and offered the same level of access, but MUCH more customisability. That's said, unusual for Apple is the amount of options you get in the VoiceOver utility. Exceeding that would improve Linux access tenfold. Oh,

@maxigaz @hund ... and if Linux matched or exceeded macOS's accessibility tooling, we'd have extension support like NVDA on Windows does. This is a feature strangely lacking from Orca. It's extensible to some extent, but there's no GUI for it and no standard way to distribute add ons.

@maxigaz @hund I really like being able to control what goes on on my Debian box. As for having to tinker every time I want to add functionality, I figure that it's good for eating vegetables.

@Lwasserman @hund Speaking of vegetables, a few months ago I read some chapters from the book The Food Revolution, which was written by a vegetarian. I'm not a vegetarian myself (yet), but if what the author says is true, I can see a lot of parallels between turning vegetarian and switching to Linux full time.

It takes effort creating new habits and it all looks intimidating at first, but when you realise the truth behind what you've been fed with, you probably don't want to go back.

@maxigaz @hund
I'd certainly like to move to less meat in my diet. I think that there's a lot of benefits. That said, I REALLY like steak.

@Lwasserman @maxigaz Eating a plenty based is easy and it's better for you then meat. :)

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