So happy with , but it made me think... From now on, I will refer to Android as Google Android. There used to be some degree of separation between the company and the project, but we are long past that stage. Google has stopped pretending Android is independent, so should we.

Google Android. That's what it is.

@yarmo I'm not sure you're aware of it, but AOSP has always been free from Google. I assume you're talking about the version of Android by Google? If so, then it makes sense that it is very, err.. googly?

@hund AOSP is, but that's not common to directly use. Google usually likes to makes sure you know you are using their products but they don't put their name in front of android while the system is fully dependent on everything google

@hund we are talking android, not aosp. Can't use android without using google, one gets trapped in their ecosystem. So, in the spirit of all things google, it should be called Google Android. Just calling it Android obfuscates the hidden dependency on Google. We know how much android depends on google, not sure my less tech-savvy knows this. Ergo, call the beast by its name, Google Android.


@yarmo I've been running Android without anything from Google for years. There's no hidden dependencies or anything. I don't see the issue. :)

But. Calling Android just Android is like calling Linux just Linux. You don't run just Linux, you run something based on Linux or Android, like Gentoo or LineageOS.

@hund I understand your point. Just like linux, this will be about nuances.

Stories for context: I once bought an app called nzb360. Can't run it on my lineage phone because we'd need google.

Other: use Aurora store and see how many apps are GSF dependent.

Other: Play Store is the main way to get apps for most. Google bans apps for ludicrous reasons like having a donate button.

There's too much google in android. We survive without, most users won't.


@hund I will not defend the point I'm making eternally. What you said is just as right. Also, everything I said is just stating the obvious.

But Google does have a higher level of presence in Android than most users suspect. My point is that I will call it Google Android to really distinguish it from AOSP.

Family says "android is open source". No, AOSP is, not android. Because Google. Google Android.


@yarmo @hund
Yarmo said 'I will not defend the point I'm making eternally'
This is the hook I think: Google Mobile Services (GMS)
Developers are at a disadvantage if they don't use them, but most important comes w every phone: GPS, maps? OSM? has all of canada, libreoffice etc, and you can sideload Amazon for some stuff, so you can do facey facebook

I think the cheapskates will let you on google maps though, and let you at drive, but you can do drive through linux and chromium

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