Unless anyone can recommend me a better alternative than Mailbox, with support for custom domains, proper 2FA, application passwords and IMAP support, I'm switching back to Fastmail.

@hund I have always used the mail from dreamhost. It had unlimited domains and storage and IMAP. Not sure about 2FA though cause I never used it.

@dsvdv I have issues with their way of using some PIN + 2FA code. It almost never works for me and their UI is not good. I'm also not find about that every folder has to be a subfolder to `Archive`. I also miss application passwords.

@hund @dsvdv I don't know how you're using it, but I don't have any subfolder in Archive, it's a sibling folder to my inbox.

What do you mean that everything needs to be a subfolder to it?

@kungtotte @dsvdv The same way it was setup on Fastmail. I just created a folder on the web and then added it to NeoMutt.

@hund @kungtotte then either you doing something wrong or (neo)mutt is, because thats not the case for me.

i know their 2FA working a little bit different from regular 2FA, but the last time i tried it worked fine at least.

i agree on the UI tho!

@dsvdv @hund @kungtotte I'm also not having that "subfolder" problem using Mailbox and neomutt.

@trashcatt @dsvdv @kungtotte I solved it by adding the folder to my domain folder.

@hund mailu is pretty great if you want to host your own mail server. They do have app passwords but they're still working on 2fa

@rapscallion Never. I have read too much horror to ever consider it. :)

@hund Oh wow, Migadu looks like what I've been looking for for a while... probably need to cancel my Zoho mail...

@chozron I haven't tried them. I think they wanted you to pay for one year in advance, unless I'm mistaking them for anyone else.

@hund Have you considered ProtonMail? I’ve been using that for a while now. If you use imap in mutt then they have what they call Bridge which is a daemon that encrypts your email on your machine before sending.

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