If it's not open source you can't trust it. If it's not libre software it doesn't respect your freedom.

@hund True, but this tends to lead to a much less accurate claim that "if it's OSS you can trust it," which is an outright lie.

Proprietary is negative, OSS is value-neutral. OSS has the *potential* for good.


@pixelherodev That's just what I said. Open source doesn't really mean anything, just look at Linux Foundation, Microsoft and those shady people. Libre software is the only way to go.

@hund Missing the point.

"Libre" software is value-neutral. If I make the source code for a fleet of murder drones libre, it's still the source code for a fleet of murder drones.

If someone makes the source code for an AI used in the legal system that discriminates against minorites libre, it's still the source code for a neural net that discriminates against minorities.

Being libre is not the same as being ethical. No license can change that. These are social issues, not technical issues.

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