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Do you blog? If so, please leave a link to your personal blog below. If not, why not?

@kev I've been weblogging for a very long time. I think it's fun to tinker with and I enjoy documenting things. I'm not much of a ranty person though.

It's also a good way of improving my mediocre English as well. :) Unfortunately I've been very busy for some time now.

* SV: hund.linuxkompis.se
* EN: hunden.linuxkompis.se/

@hund mediocre? MEDIOCRE??? I don’t even know how to say hello in Swedish! Your English is superb.

@kev Thank you! That's very kind of you. :)

It's "Hallå", but the most important word is "fika" though. ;)

@hund I love the concept of fika! We need this in English.


@kev Fika should be a thing for everyone! We even have fika pauses at work here. :)

@hund @kev
I have a roommate that take their fika very seriously. Also, fika sounds quite funny in Italian 😂

@dyamon @kev I've been told that swedish almost sounds like someone singing. :P

@hund @kev

Is there a protocol for how to fika properly? I feel like this is something I should take seriously. :)

@cameron @kev Here's a short video about fika from some American guy who has lived in Sweden. I think he gets it. :)


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