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This is my semi-temporary desk setup. There's nothing special about it.

The space is limited and I currently have a small and cheap desk from Ikea. When we move to a house, we're also getting ourself an office space. Which I'm really looking forward to.

I'm also going to make a proper desk stand, someday.

And here's some information about my battlestation:

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I'm sorry for being a party pooper about it as well. I just have rather high standards when it comes to building keyboards. I've been doing it for a long time. :)

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And the keycaps doesn't support lights, so the backlight is for the aesthetics only. Don't forget that it also makes it harder to see the legends on the keys, so if you're not ab touch typist you won't see the text with the light enabled. And if you do touch type, you don't see the lights anyway.

There's also no mention of which stabilizers they went with.

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The new keyboard from System76 does not impress at all.

* It's mass produced and yet expensive.
* Comes with medium or heavy clicky switches only. Most people will have to spend even more money on new switches.
* Non-standard layout. You can forget about buying new parts for it and repairing it.
* You can forget about all the new cool keycaps as well.
* ANSI only.
* Based on QMK F/W, without all the features from it. You can basically move the keys around..

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It snowed here six days ago. Today we went out for a picknick at the beach. It's sunny, about 26°C and some are even bathing. The Swedish spring can shift pretty fast.

"As the original sendxmpp didn't receive updates in a long time and stopped working for a lot of people some more or less sendxmpp inspired alternatives have been created."

Spring swap and applying of switch films. It's at least not more tedious than lubricating switches.

Which newsletters are you subscribed to?

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The Newsletter for April 2021 is out!

Articles from Gajim, Libervia, VaxBot & Snikket. Client updates on Conversations, Monal Beta, sendxmpp, Spark & UWPX. Thanks to everyone contributing!

Enjoy reading! 📰 ☕

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