"The First Video of an Extremely Rare Jellyfish Captures Its Striped Tentacles and Spotted, Pulsing Body"


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The best explination I've ever seen of why the argument against online privacy is stupid:

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I would like to step down from maintaining this account. Volunteers to replace me are welcome.

Does anyone know if it's possible to restore the old look for @inkscape? They recently switched to a new look with new icons, but I don't like it.

The new icons are all monochrome and they all look the same. Inkscape have seriously rendered the application completely unusable for me. :/

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@douginamug Not an answer, but Whatsapp and Element are basically on the same side of the spectrum. Yes Element is open source and in theory uses an open protocol, but it's still a giant VC company that built its supposedly open protocol as a way to shut down other open protocols and then only created a "foundation" to manage it later after a lot of criticism (and the foundation is controlled by all the same people who control the company). Anyways, rant over, but I'd stay away from Matrix.

A 2500 Lumen bike light with an OLED-display and remote is exactly what my bike needs.


I'm probably a bit biased, but this song by the swedish band Adept, is one of the best metal core songs ever made.


"The Biggest Threat To Cyclists Is Not What You Think" — youtube.com/watch?v=_8nIJThyv_

(Spoiler: It's skin cancer!)

I wanted to bike today, but it's currently a little bit too hot for that. :(

It's currently 40°C (104°F) in the shadows. Swedens climate is not designed for this kind of heat.

Another longer early morning ride today. Constant headwind and only 11°C, but it was still fun exploring new environments.

I let Strava create the route for me this time, which is pretty neat. :)

Why does tie holders look like this? They look incredibly bulky and it can't be comfortable wearing them?

It sucks that it takes up to a year or so to have contributions to OpenSteetMap accepted. That is, if someone ever reviews them to begin with. :/

If you reach out to any customer support for any question, do you then reply back to thank them when they have replied to your original message?

It feels nice doing so, but I'm not sure if I just take up their time or if they (in general) actually appreciate a thank you message?

As a non-Apple user, the Apple keyboard is the most awkward and annoying keyboard to use, of all time. It's just remarkably poorly designed.

My son thought it would be a good idea to keep his dad awake in the middle of the night last night.

I didn't get an much sleep as intended and I got a late start on my bicycle adventure. I still managed to ride 40 km, even though I ended up on less friendly areas where I had to carry my bike.

It's my first official day of my vacation tomorrow! Which is why I'm heading out at 06 for a long bicycle ride to do some exploration. :D

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