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The word "climatarian" is apparently a thing now. It's a person who chooses what to eat according to what is least harmful to the environment.

Do we really need a word for people with common sense?

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@hund The description on top reminds me of a comment I read on Reddit about a month ago (I don't remember it word by word, but I'll try):

"With MacOS, you learn to adapt to your computer. With Linux, you learn to adapt your computer to you."

It's also true for Windows, IMO.

This seems like a good website about Linux based operating systems.

Version 2.8.4 of the XMPP-client Conversations let's you pin chats on the top. Neat!

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This Voip project, using mumble and the tor network, seems pretty interesting to try!

I would like to add a new page on my webiste with posts that I want to 'bookmark' or highlight for anyone crazy enough to visit my website, it can be posts about my current keyboard or the post about why I like Gentoo and so on.

I just don't know what to name the page? Send help!

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Peertube has launched a campaign for Peertube V3!

Please consider to donate so they can ship this release, with new features (like livestreaming!!)

#peertube #fediverse

I finally got around setting up my Raspberry Pi 2 with Alpine Linux. I'm running WeeChat with bitlbee on it so I can be connected all the time.

It works well so far, expect for aspell, but that's a minor thing to fix.

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Feel free to try us out! We are currently in BETA, so we offer 50GB free storage for everyone that signs up. No email is required during registration, but is recommended is you would forget your password.


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Doing some work on the cluster at the moment.
No downtime or disturbances is expected, but something that is expected is a huge performance boost incoming!

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I recently got the early bird version of @hund @iokeyboards new 65% ISO, hotswap, RGB underglow PCB.

Although it being an early adopter model I have to say that it is already really matured! Everything worked out of the box; the soldering joints of the components are all perfect and the hotswap doesn't feel flimsy at all!

It is a perfect board for newcomers and tinkerers who don't like the awkward and time consuming process of (de-)soldering their switches!

What do you like about Gentoo?

I'm asking because I'm writing a post about why I like Gentoo myself. I'm not that comfortable when it comes to writing anything but documentation, but at least I try.

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