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We gotta take back the Internet.

hey #fediverse, I created a list of the sustainable VPS providers with the contributions from you ❤️

thanks a lot to @gert @mxv @jeremiahlee @wklew @petros @redoak @clayton @pettter @minoru @thomas @claus @michiel @wisemonkey @metaphil @ilumium @aligyie @palito

hoped I marked everyone 😅

contributions are always welcomed!

Had a nice evening updating an old project. If you want to make nice presentations with Reveal.js and enjoy markdown and not depending on internet connection give revelation a try :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

I'm starting to index my personal data to make my life easier while searching for something I've already found once, and dogsheep is a nice tool for that

Here, a screenshot you've been all asking for! (please retoot or I will get fired)

A quick showcase of the performance of the 6 in @Puri_sm's Phosh with 5.14. Running @postmarketOS of course!

I wonder if anyone has Phosh running better than this 👀😜

A directory of projects aiming to re-make the Internet as it should be: free, federated, decentralized, distributed, fair and private.

Efforts like these warms my heart.

Just discovered a really nice initiative of decentralized hosting awesome job @ChatonsOrg :ablobcatheart:

Are you using Tenacity on Windows? You may have noticed that the project file icon matches the icon of Tenacity and doesn't have the sweet-looking "Tenacity logo inside of a paper page" thing.

Could you help us with that, please? 👉👈

GitHub Issue:

Alright, @tenacity app 100% translated at Weblate to Brazilian Portuguese, also changed all refs to the word Audacity where it was also changed on the English translation 🙂

Hey @tenacity, I was trying out the translation but I noticed that there's a considerable text mismatch between context and the English versions (especially at the contribution part).
Since in weblate English is kind of the base ref at the translation tool, I got confused about which one should I follow.

Hi, we need some users to check something for us very quickly:

- Open Tenacity.
- Check if you can find the "Limiter" plugin. In some cases, plugins authored in the Nyquist scripting language are not enabled by default.
- Let us know, and include your operating system and if you installed Tenacity "from source".

If you don't have them, do the following:

Tools -> Add / Remove Plug-ins -> Click on the Disabled circle thingie -> Enable every plugin that shows up.

Yay! I made my first contribution to @tenacity 🎉
Not only an exciting project but also quite approachable for first-time contributors 😊

Very, very interesting blog post about the Elm core dev team and their (potential) toxicity and poor treatment of the Elm-using community. Perhaps I'll be learning Purescript after all...

New blog post: "Let a thousand bonfires bloom

Dopamine and attention manipulation are not inherent properties of a social network. They can be replaced by healthier behaviours and other ways of connecting humans and exploring collective intelligence..."

Oddly while writing this the system entered in standby by inactivity and screen now is working!
Now it's time for ssh and start debugging :terminal: 🐛

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