What desktop Mastodon client are people using? I mostly use Tootle but it's simply too bugy; I'm tired of it. Is there anything else that is not some electron trash?

@fatboy Hmm. Node.js doesn't get us very far from the browser. I guess I'm the only one with a shitty laptop.

@soloojos @hrthu I second Telephant. It's pretty new, but it does what it needs to nicely.

There are gtk and a Qt desktop clients in development. I'm tracking #ActivityDesk by @jalcine with plans to help with Windows and Mac builds unless he ends up with hardware to do them himself

@hrthu after trying a few desktop apps, I am sticking now with Pinafore ( It is an alternate web interface which is really fast and light. Maybe you can use it with e.g. suckless‘ surf and some custom .desktop to start it as „desktop application“ without using electron.

I stopped using desktop clients completely. I was using Tootle as well - too buggy. Then I started using Hyperspace but Snap packages aren't ideal in Debian. So back to the web app

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