Cannot for the life of me remember where I found this, nevertheless it's probably the best explanation for layfolk as to why is an existential threat:

We should refuse to play the inane whatdoyouhavetohide game by changing the language of the debate. The idea of is a great start.

In the video linked to at the end of the article:

the (same) author makes the claim that the reason many people are OK with surveillence is because they've already been conditioned to it by Christian doctrine.

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Sorry, a goldmine, I'll stop.

“There are only two industries that use the term ‘user’. One is us, as in Silicon Valley, and the other is drug dealers…”

@hrthu Thanks :) 🤞 these at least help fuel some conversation/debate and maybe, if we’re lucky, some policy/regulation changes and investment in ethical alternatives :)

@aral I liked your article on technology as extension. I've been yelling about McLuhan and the colonization of the sense for some time in relation to the privacy debate. You're right on: when so much of our media diet is currated by advertizers we've ceded our sovereignty.

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