I am—*sigh*—adding to the ever-growing pile of chat apps I use to communicate with various FOSS projects (along with Gitter, Slack, Keybase, IRC, etc).

Like all the other, non-IRC apps, the desktop version seems to be an app that runs appallingly on my linux system. Any tips for making it better? Stick with the web app? Find an IRC bridge? (any decent ones out there?) Use a mobile app?


@codesections I believe at least Slack, Gitter, and IRC all have matrix bridges. Not sure about Discord. But matrix might get your down to 3 or 4 apps...

@hrthu The problem I found with Matrix bridges is that (the last time I tried) the server admin needs to set them up. You cannot just use a bridge as your own user. (at least that's the case with the Discord bridge)

@admicos The matrix admin or the Slack/etc one? If the former, it might be worth self-hosting synapse.

@hrthu Well, when I was trying it I self-hosted Matrix and had bot invitation perms on Discord, but doing a quick search, it seems like it depends on the bridge.

For Discord, you can just use t2bot.io/discord without self-hosting Matrix, but you'll still need Discord permissions to invite the bot in.

I am not certain for other bridges, but you probably need to at least self-host Matrix for most of them.

(There's also "puppets" which I have no idea how they work, might need to look into that)

@admicos That sounds like a headache. It amazes me that even the CEOs of these companies don't find their walled gardens an inane annoyance.

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