Discovered , which, in their words, "allows you to send a notification to almost all of the most popular notification services available to us today." Either way, really useful.

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@aendrew to see the trackers, use an adblocker like uBlock, which will give you a list of the trackers, or refer to @better @better 's list:

archived version of the article:

it coincides with Google's privacy push at Google I/O:

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The only good alternative to cash I've seen as of yet is GNU Taler. All the crypto bullshit making us dependent on shady consortiums of whoever has the most cycles to waste, or worse (PoS) whoever has the most money.

And now Facebook and co. just trying to shackle us to their corporate grip by pretending to make a cryptocurrency when really they're just making Zuck dollars to get even more power and influence

The web needs an equivalent of graffiti. How can an average person subvert corporate web structures so all visitors stop to think about that entity? The Google logo is just waiting to have a dick added to it.

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@hrthu oh, how the future is bright! Let's hope 46 will at least put net neutrality back for the poor US serfs to the oligarchy

Don't remember if I've mentioned this but if you're looking to self-host a bunch services (media, home automation, development, whatever), this is probably one of the best entries into that rabbit hole:

What desktop Mastodon client are people using? I mostly use Tootle but it's simply too bugy; I'm tired of it. Is there anything else that is not some electron trash?

What desktop Mastodon client are people using? I mostly use Tootle but it's simply too bugy; I'm tired of it. Is there anything else that is not some electron trash?

For those fascinated by DNS--and who isn't?--here is a worthwhile conversation between Ryan K of Cloudflare and Bill Woodcock of Quad9.

Sorry, a goldmine, I'll stop.

“There are only two industries that use the term ‘user’. One is us, as in Silicon Valley, and the other is drug dealers…”

In the video linked to at the end of the article:

the (same) author makes the claim that the reason many people are OK with surveillence is because they've already been conditioned to it by Christian doctrine.

Two books on intersection of and worth reading:
* Cathy O’Neil - Weapons of Math Destruction
* Virginia Eubanks - Automating Inequality

Of the two, I'd recommend Eubanks first, though both are worth it and are quick reads.

More info here:

Cannot for the life of me remember where I found this, nevertheless it's probably the best explanation for layfolk as to why is an existential threat:

We should refuse to play the inane whatdoyouhavetohide game by changing the language of the debate. The idea of is a great start.

A group seems to be working on a FOSS alternative to the Google Play watchdog push server. It looks like they are trying to work with FOSS developers to create & implement a standard. Hopefully this gains momentum.

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Several readers asked for basic guidance on identifying the completeness of privacy policies.

Check out our new guide for this:

Keep in mind that your national privacy laws/regulations may require more/other information. In case of doubt, contact the responsible data controller, ask a data protection lawyer or lodge a complaint.

#gdpr #privacypolicy #guide #privacy #dataprotection

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