Ok @mobian, this is really cool and I didn't expect it to work so smoothly. 😲

Just trying out the new nightly and was wondering about working music players.

isn't only perfectly fitting the screen, actually works quite fine.

You are really doing a great job here.
Thanks! Looking forward for more 😇

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@hrodnand i always loved quod libet! also, good choice of song :)

Yeah...nice player, nice song...actually 20 years old this year 😮😅

@hrodnand thanks for the tipp. ❤️ Lollipop isn't too shabby either. Care to add quodlibet to our mobian wiki application page as a suitable app?

@hrodnand @mobian whoa.. I've dreamed of having ql on Android, this is a really nice bonus for anybody with a Pinephone tho

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