This is the monthly salary in Lenovo Bulgaria for a four-hour working day. 253.71 BGN or equal to 126 EUR. for January 2021.

We would like to thank you all for attending, all the help from the many many volunteers and hope to see you (in person) again next year! Please help us improve by sending feedback to

It's a wrap! 2011 is over, complete with confetti cannon and fireworks in the closing keynote. Huge thanks to for choosing Matrix to power the conference; we hope that it captured enough of the vibe of the real event :) Hopefully see you at ULB in 2022!🤞🤞🤞

Signal ignores proxy censorship vulnerability, bans researchers

Parler has entered into business with DDoS-Guard, a Russian firm that routes internet traffic & protects websites from cyberattacks.

...and the app is back: Huge thanks to everyone for your patience and support on this, and apologies for the inconvenience. Thanks also to Google for being transparent and apologetic once we'd established contact. Now, back to preparing for @fosdem!

Update: we just got a call from a Google VP who explained the suspension was triggered by a report of extremely abusive content accessible on the server. Our trust & safety team had already acted on it, and the app should be reinstated shortly.

We've sent a full explanation of Element and Matrix to the Google Play Store Policy team as of 11:44 UTC and we're waiting for a response. Meanwhile we've published a blog post on the situation which we'll keep updated as it evolves:

Google have suspended Element in the Play Store without notifying us😡

Google спря Element в Play Store, без да ги уведоми за решето си.

In a tweet, Signal said it has been “working around Iran’s censorship” since the app became the top downloaded content on Iranian app stores.

Zoom sends data to Facebook, and calls are not currently encrypted. A good alternative is .

Every day TeleGuard wins the trust of consumers. In 10 days from the launch of the application there are 10,000 installations

I know many of you use Signal and Telegram, but I suggest joining @TeleGuard and @Swisscows it all comes from Switzerland.

The Russian hosting company may not be able to host Parler.

TeleGuard is the data-secure messenger from Swisscows. Since the smartphone is the most widely used medium in the world today, a secure messenger is necessary to protect your own privacy. Swisscows has set itself the task of protecting its users from data misuse in every situation and is therefore now publishing its own messenger.


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