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Synchronous jumping to the lake with children is /right next to video games in couch multiplayer/ another great reason to have kids.

Third month no gym and my back is falling apart already ☠️

Just ordered Code 2nd Edition and the shipping costs more than the book itself. I am looking for a salty comment brb

My Thinkpad x1c7 is getting super hot and I've started reading archwiki for the fan control but holy 💀 this should not be that difficult 🥵

I spent a good chunk of the day (for my lazy standards) studying some code for a thing I want to remix in its modern sibling. I love how brutalist yet elegant the language is. Makes me remember why I've been very close to it for well over a decade now. Smol and verbose in a charming way. The alien tech beast mode VM is just a cherry on top. ♥️

What makes it even harder is that I'm not really good at "selling" myself in an interview :/ Telling someone that I'll probably not be as fast as others, because I'll end up spending time cleaning things up and/or trying/discovery new things. While this is true and in my experience so far leads to a better product and produces results, it's not something that most HR personals like to hear. Anyone any ideas how to frame this better?

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Considering getting rid of the moonlaner in favour of planck 💀

That feeling you see your 4yo code copied without any credit and advertised via a blog post on reddit and then you discover it's your former coworker. Lol.

So I have this artisanal (arch btw) laptop setup and

a) xdg-open URL fails (if is running already) with 'firefox is already running but not responding' error
b) no links are clickable from electron apps such as slack (nothing happens, not even that error)

xdg-settings and xdg-mime report everything in order, i.e. firefox is the default etc. This might have to do something with DBUS but I'm too dumb to understand how things depend on it. Any hints? 🙏

@whoisrbkn @hq1 @ohyran they obviously didn't get the Fosstodon banner tattood on their body. They used the original design that I drew:

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