Alas, seems MIT is wiser in a minecraft modding context. I mean, the goal was a better liscense than The Unlicense

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Currently working on getting my ore-ping mod for minecraft up and hopefully making it able to support quilt, a fresh new take on fabric. Was struggling with the liscense stuff, but I will probably end up using LGPL

Not a big but nice update:
Nauvis Melange now has a slightly reworked travel worm system.

currently on the quest of finding that game trailer/ad i saw on youtube years ago, if someone wants to give it a shot in finding it:

just gotta say, the "load more" and "..." above it, is really unintuitive, why not make it one unit, so both are able to load the coming feed. especially when "load more" button responds, as if it had any function. Only QoL, but wish to see that changed in future, or designed differently, that feels just weird.

I am seeing all this "askfedi", considering that there is no dictionary for mastodon/fosstodon slang, i am guessing, it means "Ask Federation"?

I think now its a good time to ask, since i didnt got a good answer anywhere. What do you think of Open Source smartwatches, which can you recommend. I hear good from Pine Time, whats your experience. Also, which non open source, but at least non invasive smartwatches can you recommend.

Anyway. Made a bit of progress in my factorio mod RAMSES. RAMSES, short for, Random Access Memory Surface for Entity Storage. Currently working on its chunk behavior, and how to request and deny access. Of course, wont be able to prevent users from abusing it, but the ones that do, get shot in the foot.

Hello fosstodon, just checked my emails today and realised i am verified.
print("Hello World")


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