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There's lots of products I don't list on ThinkPrivacy for a long list of various reasons (or sometimes simply because less is more).

Nothing gets me as much hate and arguments as the decision not to list Brave.

There's a massive cult of usership there that cannot take an ounce of criticism over the browser.

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PSA: If you do use #Brave browser, be aware it doesn't block #Facebook or #Twitter trackers

For Facebook tracking Brave white-lists

According to Brave developers, it's white-listed due to causing Facebook login to break if blocked.

See issue #1108 on Github


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You can now follow my project, ThinkPrivacy on Mastodon!


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I’m sure some purists will be upset about stickers being added to #Signal.

Anything that helps convince nontechnical friends and family to use Signal is a win in my book. Network effects for the win.


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@switchingsoftware @rob For OpenPGP keys, I recommend to use WKD. When you own a domain, that's definitely the perfect way to go.

Otherwise you might want to reach out to @wiktor about his work on OpenPGP key based verification of accounts :)

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Standard Notes is a simple and private notes app for #Linux. It syncs your notes securely across all your devices, including your Android devices, Windows, iOS, and the Web.

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With big shopping days ahead, it's a great time for you to install Privacy Badger to stop websites from installing third-party trackers. Even better: help your family install it! eff.org/deeplinks/2017/11/safe

I’ve just purchased Toot! @tootapp.

Every app needs a ‘Relax’ mode.

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Hi Fediverse 👋

this is for everyone interested in supporting switching.software 🙂

Here is my proposal on how to reorganize and improve the codebase of the website:


I would really appreciate your feedback - comment right here or on the issue 🗨️

Also, who would like to join the effort? And don't worry, we will figure out the "how" together - soon after the proposal is community-approved 😁

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A great podcast from 99% Invisible about a group of sailors who formed a community while their 15 ships were trapped on Great Bitter Lake for 8 years.


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Just wanted to share 2 Etsy shops that I found. These folks have some really impressive badges/stickers. I've not ordered from lukparts yet but, I did receive an order of metal badges from CadmiumPCTechnology and they're pretty high quality.




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