The reason I use the GPL for software that I personally write is because I want you and everyone else using the software to be able to use the GPL and contribute back.

I love the public domain, but you know who else loved the public domain?

Walt Disney.

He plundered the public domain so hard that the culture almost snapped in half.

Had the Brothers Grimm had a CC-BY-SA license (and used it in perpetuity) you'd be able to make a fairy-tale cartoon without some Disney lawyer getting itchy.

Small reminder for on : If you want to test your site on , you can use (AKA Epiphany) who use it ☝️🤓 />

@thibaultamartin @gnome @purism OK, new attempt: #librem5 Birch, #gnome-maps 3.38.1 installed via flatpak (flathub). This works much better, and no need for that -O0 trick anymore. This version seems to adapt perfectly to the screen size. It works really well!

You know what I would love for Mastodon client, an option follow whole instances at the instance level, to create a "neighborhood" feed between local and federated, made of these instances' local feeds.

Alternatively, a way to whitelist instances that shows up in the Federated feed, it would have the same effect.

I always enjoyed the soundtrack to 80's movie "Willow" by the late James Horner, since I first watched it as a kid. Played live by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra here, I specifically find this part magical:

A cool talk about moderation on big centralized platforms like #facebook, and how decentralization and good moderation tools can help everyone have nicer conversations.

#ActivityPub #decentralization #moderation

@nahuelwexd What exactly is Replay?Is it for PeerTube or Youtube or something else?Never heard about it.

Anarchy installer is an installer for arch linux, using a text based interface. I recommend it since in the end you get a pure arch install.


If you want get some private information about anyone who has a Google account, you may check this little tool :

I think Google users should know this.

#google #privacy


I confess, one of my main gripes about LibreOffice is purely cosmetic. My admittedly subjective opinion is it just looks bad. It does everything I need, but I feel like I'm using Microsoft Office 97. In the past I've updated the default icon theme to the Sifr version, which mostly does the job for me. I admit I was a little sceptical when I saw this article, but after downloading the theme and trying it out, I think this is actually going to do the job for me. Thoughts?

Hi, I'm a entusiast, previously at another big instance but wanted to join an instance that better suited to my specific interests for all things .

I use and and look forward o the conversations!


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