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Decided to pay for ProtonMail, good to finally get away from Gmail!

What’s the Bluetooth earphone situation like on android? Can you just put them in your ear and they connect?

It’s weird being in a position where you’ve got interviews and you’re almost able to be picky

Trying no coffee after 12. Fell asleep on the sofa.

Second vaccine: side effects are basically the worst hangover you’ve had. And I’ve had some great nights before.

CV: Updated.

Applications go out next. Discussions with recruiters already on the books

JavaScript/TypeScript - semicolons?

how on earth do you say 'have a nice funeral'

Ever get reverse burn-out? You're so un-busy and dissatisfied that you can't summon the effort?

The work is boring, but not sure if the build out of the wider team would look more appetising on my CV.

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Stay around in a newly forming engineering team (where the web cell comprises of a senior, me, and an intern) and build basic applications or find something more interesting?

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You zoomers ever installed flash to watch a video?

GitHub are pushing HARD on the vendor lock-in and I don’t like it

Getting good sleep, waking up early, exercise every day, good diet. Mind, pls

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Waking up shocked like you’ve had a bad dream, but you can’t remember.

Had this for months now. The lack of any sort of explanation is jarring.

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