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Somebody gave my basic zoom clone a star on github and I'm over the moon

Gatsby deps updated. Tentatively happy.

above or below the blog posts? (see thread)

I think styling for now, then we move to sveltekit


Update 10 packages, gatsby, generate some types based on my gql schema and migrate to typescript (assuming the updates work)

Or make some style changes

Gatsby support for TypeScript seems very mediocre

I think I’ll redesign later. Thinking monospace fonts and bonus CSS to make the page a (near) markdown document in and of itself

I’m going to learn C! What should I build to reinforce what I learn?

Anybody else using Next.js 11 getting huge build times?

I should put some time in to learning tmux keybindings instead of using my mouse

in today's "I work with idiots"

"the waf is breaking our website"
"did you secure your website?"

Somebody pushed to a branch that I was working on and it feels dirty

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