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Going on lichess between sets really kills your elo

Last night: “yeah I’ll brew with the French press tomorrow” *sets grinder up*

0550 this morning: eeeeeeeeeeeee *turns on nespresso*

I find myself checking mastodon almost more often than Reddit. Good change

Learning Svelte and I think I'm going to try to build a SPA that's also a fully fledged spotify client

Still feel like I'm going to jump ship though. There's nothing terribly challenging about the work here and I'm not learning anything new about software development

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We’re hiring 8 software engineers in the next 6 months apparently. Bit more difficult

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The people on fosstodon are absolutely awesome

Pomodoro is actually pretty damn effective. Especially if you smoosh it with GTD

"corporate startup": divested from our parent company so we're starting from scratch; I own web development

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I’m the only developer at my company. We’re a “corporate startup”. Pay is crap. Might be hiring generic “IT Engineers”. Get a team of interns and to work with contractors that fulfil the bulk of our development (sometimes).

What do?

I’d love to update my /uses page, but it’s basically just terminal and electron apps + *nix. Not sure how that would be terribly interesting

Spotify and terraform are a combo I never expected to see happen but here we are. Pretty new to terraform, but it’s pretty cool -

you know you've fucked it when you merit this response

Want to build a quadcopter on a budget but I’ve got no clue where to start. Any suggestions?

Was meant to be for some CI so I guess I’m writing it to be 0 dependency :javascript:

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My JavaScript works. Translated it to bash, broken.

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