Recently having jonied a series d startup, I think I can safely say that I miss my megacorp job

It's just some medium roast stuff, but I've never had an issue dialling in coffee with this grinder/machine (sage dose control/gaggia classic w/ 9bar)

Got some weird coffee beans. Even at my finest grinder setting I'm pulling ~38g of coffee in ~20s

@mplammers I think I have a fairly basic setup compared to most, but I found that vim-plug and tpm to be pretty useful.

Anything from your side that would be worth sharing, too?

Finally spent the time to get vim/tmux split navigation working properly. Worth it.

People of Fosstodon, this is an important question:

Is a cheesecake a cake?

@IslandUsurper @jiyuu Thanks. They've seen my CV I guess, so they know more-or-less of what I'm capable of. Can't wait to become a stronger developer!

@jiyuu Thank you very much! This really helps and I think based on the interview feedback, I'm in a similar situation

@meisam I wish. GH wouldn't pick up the right file either...

So my new job as me as a senior, but I’ve got far less experience than the other senior developers there.

It’s jarring, am I right to be stressed over this?

On the one hand, I have some strong imposter syndrome.

On the other, the company interviewed me technically and behaviourally. They offered me more than the other offer I got, too. I guess they know what/who they’re getting and we’re willing to pay for it?

@lig No garden leave either. Others that are leaving have just checked out

be great if npm could be stable todat

So I’m spending the next 10 weeks ✨ stressing ✨ over whether I’ll be a good senior developer at my new job

I managed to get 2 weeks off of my 12 week notice

signs you're hitting "power user" territory... pic: my 'todo' table in Notion

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