Just accepted a senior developer position at a new company!

I've been a senior for 6 months and a developer for 2 years. Feels like I'm a bit early.

Any tips?

@hjfitz Keep that attitude; don't get cocky about your ability, and always listen to the people around you. (In fact, ask them for advice.) You do know stuff, and you could probably do a decent job on your own, but other people always know things you don't (e.g. what the thing is actually going to be used for).

Sometimes, investigating a problem leads to you making a completely different solution to the one you were asked to make, and it turns out to be better for everyone involved.

@wizzwizz4 thanks. My motivations for moving to a new company are primarily to learn from other developers so I’m glad you’ve pointed me in this direction

@hjfitz Keep in mind that titles, such a "Senior" developer mean completely different things in different companies, don't get so much distracted by that.

Be a professional. Learn from others; never fool yourself to think you know all the answers.

And, congratulations :)

@jalvarez I’ve tried following the title game before, never matches the job content 100%

Honestly can’t wait to be in a team of new (to me) developers and learn from them.

Thank you :)

@hjfitz Measure twice, cut once. => Plan carefully and analyze the issue and implications prior to writing code.

Provide extra buffer in your time estimates. The devil is in the details.

Leave no code as a mystery to yourself. Understand all of it. It is that which you don't understand now which becomes a nightmare later.

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