I’m the only developer at my company. We’re a “corporate startup”. Pay is crap. Might be hiring generic “IT Engineers”. Get a team of interns and to work with contractors that fulfil the bulk of our development (sometimes).

What do?

"corporate startup": divested from our parent company so we're starting from scratch; I own web development

We’re hiring 8 software engineers in the next 6 months apparently. Bit more difficult

Still feel like I'm going to jump ship though. There's nothing terribly challenging about the work here and I'm not learning anything new about software development

@hjfitz job satisfaction to me is a combination of 1) salary 2) am I learning stuff? 3) do I enjoy it? 4) am I making a difference?
If salary is low then the others need to be good.

@simon it’s a bit of a tough one I think - the salary (especially as a “senior” engineer) is incredibly low. Like below national average in the UK (in general) low.

I’m not learning anything new, but there are *some* enjoyable aspects.

Making a huge difference in how we build applications, but they’re all basic React apps.

We’re supposedly hiring some engineers, but I don’t know if it’s worth the wait. Might have hit seniority before doing the actual hard work.

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