Finally spent the time to get vim/tmux split navigation working properly. Worth it.

People of Fosstodon, this is an important question:

Is a cheesecake a cake?

So my new job as me as a senior, but I’ve got far less experience than the other senior developers there.

It’s jarring, am I right to be stressed over this?

On the one hand, I have some strong imposter syndrome.

On the other, the company interviewed me technically and behaviourally. They offered me more than the other offer I got, too. I guess they know what/who they’re getting and we’re willing to pay for it?

be great if npm could be stable todat

So I’m spending the next 10 weeks ✨ stressing ✨ over whether I’ll be a good senior developer at my new job

I managed to get 2 weeks off of my 12 week notice

signs you're hitting "power user" territory... pic: my 'todo' table in Notion

thanks for waiting 30 minutes before telling me this wasn't what you were after, azure

There might be another reason that microservices are taking over...

Any good books on software design/architecture?

I do full-stack Typescript development.

Thank you. Imposter syndrome is hitting and this really helps

I love how you can accidentally hit a key in vim and learn something new

Just accepted a senior developer position at a new company!

I've been a senior for 6 months and a developer for 2 years. Feels like I'm a bit early.

Any tips?

Today's request: "Can we unhash users passwords??"

Last interview of the bunch today. Here’s hoping!

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