Looking for some suggestions, I have issues with both of my arms/hands and cannot type at times. I just moved over to Fedora from Debian and I'm looking for voice rec & control software or other ideas if you have them. Running KDE as my desktop, wouldn't think it would make a difference but who knows. Thanks!

@hitime I'm not familiar with the tools in that area, but I'll boost your toot—hopefully someone else will have a good idea. Good luck!

@hitime good speech to text services are usually for the hearing impaired. Hopefully this makes your search for software easier (:

@hitime you could try Mycroft. It's the only voice virtual assistant type thing I know for Linux. I haven't tried it but I've looked into it and believe it's pretty customizable.

@hitime my plan was to get Mycroft to control my tiling window manager (i3wm). So I have keyboard shortcuts that control opening and positioning apps on the screen and then I was going to try to get Mycroft to trigger those same shortcuts thus enabling voice control of most things. Text input and navigation within windows is still a problem though. Vimium (vim shortcuts for the browser) and the same Mycroft set-up could probably get pretty far the browser.

@tulsi @hitime Yeah I also think Mycroft is your best option currently. It's already integrated pretty well into Plasma Desktop, and the integration will get better and better as development on it is still going strong.

Simon is also an option but there is hardly any development happening on it anymore, so Mycroft is certainly the more future-proof option.

@hitime This is the best source I could find on a whim about the state of voice recognition on linux:

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