things not to do while working and dialed in to a large meeting: have your phone off mute while you're having coitus

So do we have an adaptation of My Sharona to My Corona yet?

I have succeeded, my 6yr old knows Warren Zevon. requests Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner & Werewolves of London on a regular basis. Fish Heads (Barnes & Barnes) along with We're Not Going to Take It are common as well.

Sucks to be sick and in pain, can't even the pot I need without feeling the urge to vomit

Every show I pick today is lacking English, does not help when one wants to listen to their native language and screw around on the internet.

So what's less of a pain in the ass and faster

Sometimes ppl are so clueless, just because a person works in tech & is a tech enthusiast does make them devoid of emotion. It may make them more logical and observant, but we are not the assholes you see on TV.

really need to play around with bitlbee more

wanted to thank AT&T for educating me today, they informed me that Maine is on the west coast of the United States

manjaro + qtile + CLI utils = usable old netbook --- I do really want to find an 11"-13" i5/Ryzen laptop tho, old AMD C-50 can get painful at times

Have a HP G1 laptop (battery blows) & looking for a battery extender for it, suggestions? Want to keep it light as possible hence my anticipation for Pinebook Pro reviews.

Cats & kittens where are the Pine Book Pro reviews? Thinking I want one but I really don't need one.

I have feeling once I get my 32" monitor today I will want a second. Is there a display addiction number I can call?

Because we have to be able to spy on you easily, dont make us do work.

Attorney General Bill Barr Will Ask Zuckerberg To Halt Plans For End-To-End Encryption Across Facebook's Apps

Every word Ajit Pai says about Net Neutrality is a lie, including "and" and "the"

Trump’s FCC Chairman Ajit Pai rammed through an illegal Net Neutrality repeal by claiming that the Obama-era Net Neutrality rules slowed down investment in broadband, depriving Americans of f…

Boing Boing: Every word Ajit Pai says about Net Neutrality is a lie, including "and" and "the".

Anyone got a good suggestion for a 1 or 2u cheap rackmount for a Nextcloud box along with some internal network services? Using an old laptop at the moment, lower power and multi drive would be preferred. Thoughts?

No Mastodon share plugin for Nextcloud, really? Feels kinda like a fail.

I put Bob Ross on and my 6yr old objects, half way through we tell her to go in her play room but she can't go because she needs to know how Bob's painting turned out.

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