A coworker today said out loud with a straight face, "These core dumps are massive".

I'm so immature.

This is the kind of website I strive to design one day poolside.fm

We shouldn't discriminate between Linux distros, but rather celebrate that you are using Linux. In the end, we are all using the same kernel.

Coworker: "Is there anything that can be done about this issue?"
Me: "Yes."
Me: Sets status to Away, goes to lunch.

Yep, that's my mood today.

I installed Manjaro on my gaming desktop (it hasn't had a working Linux install for a while) and man this went by really quickly! It was such a breeze to install and I've had no issues with the NVIDIA graphics driver or anything.

I'm really impressed with Manjaro. I have no complaints thus far

Kobo? Kindle? Kobo? Kindle? Kobo...? Kindle...? KOBOOOOOOOOOO!!!! KINDLLLLLEEEEEEE!!!!

...I went with a Kobo. 😊

vim: there's more than one way to do it, i.e. the way you're doing it now, and the slightly more convenient way to do it that you'll discover by accident sometime in the next twenty years

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This article speaks to why I like vim. I've tried *all the editors* and keep coming back to vim.

And no, I haven't tried emacs. I found vim and stuck with it.


Sometime I want to make a bot that toots lines from the Angular docs.

For example, this gem:

"The target name is the name of a property. It may look like the name of an attribute but it never is. To appreciate the difference, you must develop a new way to think about template HTML."

There was a fairly large spider on my co-workers desk. Two web developers at one desk is technically pair programming, right?

Thank you @ryan for providing a solid frontend foundation for the STAT site. Even a hack like me can make frontend changes without having to reinvent the wheel.

TIL about tldr. I wish I'd known about this when I was starting out in the terminal. http://tldr.sh/

Christmas lights? December 1-27.

Christmas music? December 20-26.

Eggnog? All year long as far as I'm concerned.

Let me preface this by saying I’m all for charities.

However, the bell ringing and red bucket of the Salvation Army should not happen before US Thanksgiving.

It’s bad enough that stores are advertising Christmas deals, and decorating before Halloween even finished.

Sick today. Didn't stop work from calling. I seem to recall a time when I was younger when "sick leave" meant people would leave you alone.

Just checked Twitter.

They all still screaming.

I assume that mongodb was named after Mongo, the evil planet in the Flash Gordon series that Ming the Merciless ruled.

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