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@enigmatico @kumicota In my opinion , using any sort of open-source software is one of contributing but assuming that everyone has money or everyone is a working guy or has any knowledge on programming is B.S , again I am not saying "Don't contribute" but understand that , donating and code/bug contributions are not *mandatory* but an option. That's all.

what is that program that you can control different devices with one mouse and one keyboard?

The certificate for expired on 6/13/2021.
Sorry that we missed to renew it in advance. Should be fixed on Monday.

If you're an active Tails user, remember that you have a copy of that page on your stick, and you can read the documentation offline at anytime.
>Applications >Favorites >Tails Documentation

Come and join #StuxCraft!

It's a free open source MMORPG directly playable in your web browser! No downloads required.

It is still in beta :flan_hacker:

I wish if mastodon had an option to 'edit' a post instead of "delete and re-draft".

So many cuties being online right now :blobcataww:
I wish you all the very best day!! :nkoLove:
@reay It's not easy to pick. I think the poll needs more options. Which is the most ethical company?

Might not mean much but just wanted to wish everyone a

Merry Christmas (ツ)

Hi i am new to "Mastodon" by itself. If anyone could give me a head start , that would be very much be appreciated !

Thank You
Have a nice day


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