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Upgrade of and to 0.17.0 is on track to happen in 25 minutes.

We have a few days left before cutting the final 0.17.0 release ( 13.3 reaches EOL on 2020-11-22)

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0.17.0rc1 is powering since 1 hour ago.

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We've go four new big CI servers from working as shared runners for since this morning! Many thanks to OSUOSL!

The second virtual sprint will happen in two days from 11:00 to 20:00 UTC+2. Everyone can join on . If you're not on European time zones, don't worry: just come when you can. There's no predefined topic this time. Tell us what you'd be interested in! #mercurial

It's decided ! Next virtual sprint will take place on October 14, from 11:00 to 20:00 UTC+2. No registration needed, just come to our Developement chat (

It was a good opportunity to add a install/setup guides section on the web site, and a link.

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Nice write up by Alessandro Dentella on the THUX website, explaining how to install with , up to continuous delivery of projects Docker images with DIND:

0.16.0rc1 will be released tomorrow. Of course it will include hg-evolve 10.0.2, released today by Octobus

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