We're organising a virtual sprint last week of July, focusing on user documentation and messages. Help us choose the exact date by voting on the poll framadate.org/heptapod-vsprint

development kit (HDK) now available! heptapod.net/hdk.html#hdk Of course, it's derived from the development kit (GDK)

This is the natural companion to 0.14.0. Should also work with 12.10

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at this point we're hoping the final 0.14.0 will be just the same.

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We've decided to release 0.14 earlier by refocusing it on the move
to the currently supported 12.10. First release candidate next Monday!

We can confirm that 0.14 will be based on the officially supported 12.10

New tutorial: Pulling and pushing over HTTP using a Personal Access Token. This is the required method on heptapod.host


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