The next version, 0.27.0rc1 should come in about a week and feature a jump to 14.4. We already have made good progress towards that.

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que nous utilisons à Logilab, notamment pour construire les images dans gitlab-ci qui tourne sur des cluster kubernetes qui sont ensuite poussées sur le registre docker de @heptapod (friendly fork de gitlab avec support mercurial)

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The quarterly virtual mini sprint will happen tomorrow, from 10 AM UTC+1. Gathering point is Bring you topics ;-)

0.26.0 (final) should be released next Monday (Nov 8th). General announcement for the 0.26 series:

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we didn't change the allowed and default VCS types for new projects yet, but we will in the final Heptapod 0.25.0 release.

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also installed on our flagship instances at and

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