and 0.21 has now reached its end of life, with 14.0 due tomorrow

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0.20 has now reached its end of life, same as 13.9

runner 0.4.0 released, based on runner 13.3.2, featuring many more OS & architecture options: Fully tested for amd64/arm64 and amd64. Quickly tested for amd64/arm64. Please help us testing the other ones!

New download/install page, including Omnibus packages and prebuilt Heptapod Runner binaries: Thanks again to for the mirroring. -cd

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I've just built #heptapod runner 0.4.0rc2 for Apple Silicon M1. Available as darwin/arm64 on (shell executor only)
Many Thanks to the GCC Compile Farm and in particular the House Gordon software company!

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