@paulgit Welcome to Fosstodon. Have a good time and enjoy Germany while you're here.

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Beim #Messenger Signal können Nutzer*innen jetzt auch unabhängig von der Telefonnummer ihr Profil auf andere Geräte übertragen. Außerdem neu: Eine #Backup-Funktion fürs #iPhone. mobilsicher.de/ratgeber/messen

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The chief function of the body is to carry the brain around & use its reflexes at the right time🙏

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"A terrible command name is a curse, but a great command name has a poetic elegance."

"The Poetics of CLI Command Names"


Listening to talks about and in the news these days, I was wondering (again), what would happen to us, if really existed and payed us a visit. Would THAT unite mankind? And then I stumbled over "Planet 51" (again). Prejudices are everywhere! - and I still love that movie! Soooooo cool!

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Get ready for when the clubs reopen with this Tutanota shirt. 😍 Currently, we have a 15% discount for you: shop.spreadshirt.de/tutanotash

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Artikel: Linux-Paketformat Snap wird zum Zankapfel zwischen Mint und Ubuntu 

Article at heise.de: Linux-Paketformat Snap wird zum Zankapfel zwischen Mint und Ubuntu


"Cybercrimes - Boredom instead of underground romance"
The german 🇩🇪 talks about real life cybercrime, i.e. "Jump off as a potentiell cybercrime specialist - and land as an annoyed admin and account manager!" LOL


Will start to learn a new language today: Ruby!

tag = 0
fun == true
while fun = true
puts "Keep on going!"
tag +=1
answ = gets "Day #{tag}: Do U like Ruby? y / n"
if answ = "n" || "N" fun == FALSE

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We really need an open version of a site like quora. A Wikipedia equivalent to foster decent conversation rather than this walled garden.

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Since I was little, I've been a space travel enthusiast. These days, my daughter and I love to observe the stars with her telescope. At 8, she built the Lego Saturn V without any help.

So with all the hype around SpaceX, am I the only one wondering if it's good idea to leave this to a bunch of billionaires? These guys aren't even able to make this planet a better place, let alone "building better worlds".

#space #nasa #fuckbezos #fuckmusk #fuckbranson #weylandyutani


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US-Präsident Trump geht nach dem Faktencheck eines seiner Tweets gegen Twitter und andere soziale Netzwerke vor. Einen entsprechenden Erlass unterzeichnete er im Oval Office.
Trump unterzeichnet Erlass zu Sozialen Medien

Welcome me to the 21st century. I just dropped out of Dropbox and said "Hello" to Nextcloud!

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