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I don't often link to Twitter statuses, because.... Twitter, but this one was funny. I'll quote so you don't have to click the link, but you can if you want to.

"Breaking: Mars becomes the second planet that has more computers running Linux than Windows."


Made an investment yesterday - bought a new book! COVID-19-retreatment and nothing to do? Start a new project, learn a new language. And in my case it's ... ! Well then, let's get started.

This trailer makes me want to see more of it. I loved the first movie! Unfortunately critics ruined my expectations. Don't know whether I really want to see any more. Did you see it? What's your opinion?

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Lex Cum Ex
Funfact: Pfandsammeln und Containern wird in Deutschland jetzt auch amtlich bestätigt intensiver verfolgt und bestraft als bandenmäßiger Diebstahl von Volkseigentum im Milliardenmaßstab: Das meiste Cum-Ex Raubgut darf jetzt durch ein neues Gesetz straffrei behalten werden.

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Today is the birthday of William B. "Bill" Watterson II, father of - Happy Birthday to you! Enjoy the day! 😊

@paulgit Welcome to Fosstodon. Have a good time and enjoy Germany while you're here.

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Beim #Messenger Signal können Nutzer*innen jetzt auch unabhängig von der Telefonnummer ihr Profil auf andere Geräte übertragen. Außerdem neu: Eine #Backup-Funktion fürs #iPhone. mobilsicher.de/ratgeber/messen

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The chief function of the body is to carry the brain around & use its reflexes at the right time🙏

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Listening to talks about and in the news these days, I was wondering (again), what would happen to us, if really existed and payed us a visit. Would THAT unite mankind? And then I stumbled over "Planet 51" (again). Prejudices are everywhere! - and I still love that movie! Soooooo cool!

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Get ready for when the clubs reopen with this Tutanota shirt. 😍 Currently, we have a 15% discount for you: shop.spreadshirt.de/tutanotash

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Artikel: Linux-Paketformat Snap wird zum Zankapfel zwischen Mint und Ubuntu 

Article at heise.de: Linux-Paketformat Snap wird zum Zankapfel zwischen Mint und Ubuntu


"Cybercrimes - Boredom instead of underground romance"
The german 🇩🇪 talks about real life cybercrime, i.e. "Jump off as a potentiell cybercrime specialist - and land as an annoyed admin and account manager!" LOL


Will start to learn a new language today: Ruby!

tag = 0
fun == true
while fun = true
puts "Keep on going!"
tag +=1
answ = gets "Day #{tag}: Do U like Ruby? y / n"
if answ = "n" || "N" fun == FALSE

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