Would y'all be interested in a open source mobile spell tracker with 3.5-like mechanics included, and modifiable by files selected by users? To include new spells and machanics.

I see tons of good stuff for 5E, but my 3.5 boyz get no love. Also could cover golden rules and few homebrew system by loading from file.

@yarmo two friends, one with experience, and a lot of desire to play. 3.5, 5E wasnt a thing

My first programming language was FORTRAN. What was yours?

Feel free to boost.

Looking for a good Samsung A50 ROM with enforced SELinux. Any suggestions?
(mobile noob)
Couldn't find a single one with enforced SELinux. Any privacy-oriented one is also a good suggestion, +1 if it's degoogled.

@pyre35 Nice man ! Keep going!
I'm still on G* for most used stuff, but already on ProtonMail for the most important ones.
I really need to pull the trigger xD

@fightfortheuser It angers me to think that a very cool and useful tech such as cookies got subverted to track us. I like to think they're not conceived with that in mind, but sure that wasn't the case for all of them.

Talking about cookies but there are other fingerprinting techniques of course, cookies are just the easier one and most effective

@fightfortheuser Where do I get to learn more about thceat modeling? That book you posted just now has it covered?

@fightfortheuser this! Many times this! There are different kinds of privacy and different kinds of barrier to overcome.
On a side note, a LOT of advices solves the problem of sending data to big tech company X, but they end up in smaller company Y, and may not help at all to fulfill your privacy needs. Much more complex than 'install orbot, use firefox' as you said

At least that's how I see it

Dear search engines,

If I type, "fiberglass shower enclosures" into you, I expect to only get pages that contain all three of the those words. If few or no pages exist that have those three words in them, it's OK to tell me so. Sending me pages about shower curtains, shower curtain rings, and (?) baby shower decorations only pisses me off. If I want a shower enclosure (made of fiberglass), shower curtain rings are not a reasonable alternative.

Thank you for your attention.

@fightfortheuser @person well we fight for it, as you should well know

@fightfortheuser @person running on Mullvad, changed all the default apps I could to open sourced ones and sadly I can't get NetGuard to work with a VPN (works with orbot though), and also afWall isn't working properly too :ac_sad:
Probably because I use some stranger-than-normal root method to boot without Knox. Working on the NetGuard problem as I type

@fightfortheuser @person yah but you'd first have to send a chunk of change to Google.
Unofficial ROM builds are also a mess and on my case I honestly really don't want to use a unofficial one (using a Samsung, not better than buying from Google).

Is there a better cripto than :monero: Monero for privacy? Nano is incredible also but not nearly as private enough for me

@fightfortheuser Before I respond, "other foreign nation which I don't reside in". Fuck ALL nations collecting data, especially the one collecting data on it's own people. Inhumane

I'd say
"Well, don't you care if I come into your house? See all your belongins, follow you through your day? Come on you won't even notice me! Let me also follow who you follow. Also let me check where you've been wasting moneym, what you speak[...]"

Come on, data collection is stealing my privacy


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