KDE's 2019 yearly report is out. Includes a comprehensive list of activities, a breakdown of what changed and the goals we set, and the all-important financial report πŸ’°.


You can support KDE activities throughout the year by becoming a supporting member of the KDE e.V.: relate.kde.org

Or by making a one-time donation ➑️ kde.org/community/donations/

The time has come! Akademy begins in 2 days! Social events during #Akademy2020 will be escape games and a pub quiz! Check it out!

Image credit: freevector.com

According to "Spenser Confidential" (Netflix), the FBI uses Plasma.

If it is good enough for the FBI, it is good enough for you. Discover Plasma:


I guess now people can stop complaining a bit for having a so called modern tool box, though I still doubt's it's UX.


Version 5.19.2 of KDE's Plasma desktop is out. This version brings a series of incremental improvements and bugfixes that will make your experience with Plasma smoother and more enjoyable.


I have too many hobbies :) This is half of a page for my Spiderman minicomic. I sketched out 5 pages and I hope to be done with them this year! :P Anyone has a good idea how to speed it up, considering that I use this "sculpting" technique because I have no idea how to make a lineart look good? I decided to not constrain myself to one technique and just do what is easiest/fastest, but... I still want it to look nice.
#spider-man #spiderman #marvel #comic #fancomic #krita #comicpage #sketch #wip

@Krita Peertube link for the release notes: share.tube/videos/watch/1180b9

(seems unboostable right now because I just changed the visibility and that hasn't propagated yet -_- )

A lot of people are asking when the tarot deck ✨ sylvia-ritter.com/tarot-deck ✨ will be released. It will still take a while. So far I've painted 40 cards. The (Kickstarter) release date is still - TBD. I have to take commissions in between to be able to continue. πŸ’« Art: Ace of Coins 🐘 #art #illustration #mastoart

Hurry! #Akademy2020's call for papers finishes soon! Send in a proposal and tell the world about your experience.


I recently got an android tablet with eInk screen and stylus. eInk is what e-readers and the like use, so I can take it outside, and because it ran android I am of course running #Krita on it.

The device gives a lot of lag compared to regular led/lcd, but on the other hand this is the first time I've been able to sit outside on an overcast day and draw on a tablet.

So have some Canada geese, they were the only ones sitting still enough. The ducks and rock pigeon just ran past me.

KDE Plasma 5.19 is out and it is sleeker and more polished than ever. Check out the new and beautiful photographic avatars, clean and consistent desktop components and widgets, and the easy-to-use System Settings and Discover software center.


Koko is a great image viewer designed for #PlasmaMobile. Unfortunately, up until recently it did not work great on desktop computers. This changed last week with various small patches to Koko’s code and Kirigami.


Alright, my transformable patterns work is in master now, so if you're inclined, check out the #krita nightly of... well, coming night.

It's not terribly fast, but it's seamless and does as advertized.

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