KDE implements an opt-in (i.e. it is switched off by default; you, the user, have to activate it), anonimized feedback system for users who would like to contribute non-personal data to help improve Plasma, Discover and other KDE software packages.

As the screenshot shows, the system also lets you decide how much information you want to share.


LibreOffice 6.4 is nearly here – and in the meantime, our documentation community has been updating the guides! For instance, the guide for the Math module is already available: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

🎨 The call for proposals for the Libre Graphics Meeting is now open. Submissions of presentations, lightning talks, Birds of a Feather meetings, Workshops, Hackathons all welcome.



Anupam Basak from @Nitrux_NX@twitter.com talking about their awesome MauiKit project.

Make apps easily for desktop, Plasma Mobile, Android and even Windows !

He also has demos to showcase !! Super cool ! Qt apps as an Android app, wow!!

@kdecommunity@twitter.com @kdeindia@twitter.com


Yay, release day! At ~ 7pm (CEST) you will be able to see the next tarot card 🧙‍♀️💫. The Chariot welcome committee is ready to meet new friends. #art #illustration #mastoart #krita

How to move on from #Windows7 to #Plasma the easy way: An article with links to places to go to and people to talk to that will help you make the jump to KDE's friendly Linux desktop.


I didn't think that it's possible but the next tarot card is ✨DONE ✨ 💯 💃 🥳 😱 💤. I've just released it on my Patreon page: patreon.com/sylviaritter.
Meanwhile featuring one of my Major Arcana cards "The Fool" - 🐌🐌🐌. #art #illustration #mastoart #krita

Apologies, I posted 2 days ago that the Call For Proposal for #LGM2020 was open. Turns out we are not quite fully ready yet to accept your proposals. We do encourage you to start writing them already and will come back to you once the submission form is open. Thank you

KDE will be at this year's LGM, come along and send in your talks and workshops now 👩‍🎨

"Libre Graphics Meeting Call for Proposals"


The Software Freedom @conservancy , which helps manage funds and provides a legal home for the Inkscape project, is seeking your help for its donation match!

There are 6 days left to raise about $30K. Consider donating for software freedom today & have your donation count double!

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