For free Software enthusiasts and everyone in India we (Free Software community of India) are running a crowdfunding campaign to self-host a Jitsi video calling server. This gives a freedom and privacy-friendly choice to people who want to do video calls. Know more and donate at -

#freesoftware #crowdfunding

KDE roadmap for 2021: Production ready Wayland, fingerprint support, brand new start menu, and more

The latest GNOME Shell & Mutter article gives us a look at upcoming GNOME Shell UX plans for GNOME 40. Check out the blog for all the details:

Want to help the @krita community? If you have some spare time try to help the new users by answering their questions on #kritaartists forum -

Guiding new users is also a great way of contributing to #FreeSoftware

The first beta of Krita 4.4.2, a bugfix release with half a dozen new features, has just been released:

So, Dmitry Kazakov is currently working on improving the mesh transform for #krita , and he thinks he'll be able to propegate parts of the algorithm and UI to the mesh gradients as well.

KDE's 2019 yearly report is out. Includes a comprehensive list of activities, a breakdown of what changed and the goals we set, and the all-important financial report 💰.

You can support KDE activities throughout the year by becoming a supporting member of the KDE e.V.:

Or by making a one-time donation ➡️

The time has come! Akademy begins in 2 days! Social events during #Akademy2020 will be escape games and a pub quiz! Check it out!

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According to "Spenser Confidential" (Netflix), the FBI uses Plasma.

If it is good enough for the FBI, it is good enough for you. Discover Plasma:

I guess now people can stop complaining a bit for having a so called modern tool box, though I still doubt's it's UX.

Version 5.19.2 of KDE's Plasma desktop is out. This version brings a series of incremental improvements and bugfixes that will make your experience with Plasma smoother and more enjoyable.

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